Update: I am disappointed with the news getting to me- VC to our students in Togo


I am particularly not happy with our students in the Year Abroad in Togo based on the negative reports we are receiving.

I heard you led a group of students to the Embassy in Togo to protest over neglect and hunger. You expect them to give you some palliatives specially for IAUE students. How can that be done? Is it because we have over pampered you here? We allow you to pay your fees when you want, as many of you in the year broad in Togo have not paid their Level 200 fees, yet we mobilised you to travel. We allow you write examinations without payment of fees, and you think it is your right. You want everything free, as if you do not know that knowledge acquisition is not free anywhere. I do not blame you. We spoilt you here to make you think everything should come to you, even when you have not paid for them. Many of our students are asking the University to buy them smart phones for the proposed e-learning mode we have been asked to migrate to in few days to come. They do not think their parents/guardians have any role to play in this regard.

Please, you are not the only Nigerian students in the year abroad in Togo. In fact, your number is the least compared to other universities. What affects you also affects your colleagues from other universities. I am not aware of any special package from their universities or their governments for them. They are managing to survive in Togo as you are doing. Their parents are not wealthier than yours. They are all Nigerians.

Please do not be a disgrace to your University and bring us to ridicule. The authorities in Togo and the University there are threatening to prosecute some of our students implicated in the protest and if possible deport them. They are also saying that if nothing is done to checkmate your excesses, they may ban our University from participating in the year abroad in Togo. And you know the implications of that threat.

What worries me is how the authorities in Togo know who is from Ghana and who is from Nigeria, and IAUE in particular, to bar you from going to the market to buy stuffs. You have the same complexion and you dress alike. Perhaps, my guess is that your behaviour/conduct betrays you.

Please you must conduct yourselves properly there. Even here in Nigeria, movements are restricted. I have not been allowed to visit my office in the past one week. My drivers can't visit to drive me. Calm down! There is trouble all over the world. Get this into your heads.  But it will soon be over. Our God cannot forsake us for too long.

Please be good! - VC

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