Biography: Okatta Martins Azubuike

Okatta Martins Azubuike is level 400 students of history and diplomatic studies in Ignatius Ajuru university of Education. His is from Omuma local government area in Rivers state.The final year student appeared in the politics of IAUE from his first aspiration to be sug provost 2 in his year1 but was defeated by a final year student, during his Provost2 campaign he told those who cared to listen that he will be sug president in his final year. He pulled a total of 468 votes against 530 in the election, it was surprising for a year 1 student who had barely gotten CGPA to reach that number. It earned him the appointment of chief of staff to the sug president in his year 2. He served as chief of staff to Ejike Amadi and decided to go a step closer to his dream by running for the position of sug director of health and welfare. Okatta Martins won the election and became sug director of health and welfare in the Mmah Dominic Dumbari led administration.

During his days as director partnered with students who cleaned the school environment regularly, he came up with an appealing notice of "no littering" which saved so many students from a semester's suspension issued by the vice chancellor. He was the MVP (most valued personnel) of Mmah Dominic Dumbari. When asked why he is always to the president, he replied with" there's always moreto learn". He ensured that gutter sanitation took place around all hostels. He also partnered with rotary club IAUE chapter to sanitize hostel water areas. He partnered with Sing Foundation in the environmental awareness day campaign against sooth and gas flaring . He mobilized over 200 IAUE student volunteers who took part in the campaign. The students testified that Okatta Martins is a man of his words as they were empowered with knowledge on environmental dangers. The students who were at the campaign testified that it was a once iñ a lifetime opportunity, and their take home package was huge. Many called him Mr 1k for he ensured that all students got the sum of 1000 naira in addition to other gifts that the foundation donated to students. He also ensured that the school management provided drugs in the school hospital for students who fall sick on campus.

 Okatta Martins did not stop performing as he flooded IAUE media pages with a health sensitisation program themed "Meet with the Doctors". Before the program, the capacity health director promised to surprise 1st 200 students to attend, so students came in their numbers. 

The director empowered over 1000 students at school auditorium with sanitary pads, wipes and condoms. Till this day the former health director's is saving the lives of those who cannot abstain from sex with the condoms shared. The former health director or mr health as many called him decided to answer the call to resign and run for the position of president of students union government. 

According to the former Director of health and welfare, “ I am running for president to make a difference; to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, to leave a legacy. I am running because I believe in a Nigerian where hard work and consistency will earn an individual promotion not favouritism and ethnicity, if a man has earned your support through his works, support him. Favouritism and ethnicity will only bring us failures and looters.” If he has touched your life, do not hesitate to support him.

With this, i think he is qualified for the position of the Sug President.

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